What is the Wright Prospector?

A new, more efficient way for responsible business people to maximize their time when attending a trade show. We invite specific individuals to join us in small, focused group tours through the exhibit hall, each group led by one of our knowledgeable, industry Ambassadors. The purpose is to visit with specific exhibitors who offer new technology, alternative sourcing and unique business solutions to the industry. 

What do I have to do?

Meet up with one of our Ambassadors at the registration area and accompany them on a tour of specific booths in the exhibit hall. Keep an open mind because you’ll be gaining valuable experience, product knowledge and exposure to important suppliers. We’ve arranged for exclusive access and introductions to industry innovators and problem solvers. And be ready to have a great time.

Is this time well spent? Is it right for my business needs?

The Wright Prospector tour provides the opportunity for a variety of show attendees to gain knowledge and exposure to new trends, products and resources that are available for their business objectives. It’s informative, fun, keeps you on the cutting edge and makes you better at your job. 

What’s in it for me?

The Wright Prospector program provides a great opportunity to be a part of something exciting that gives you unique benefits like VIP access, exclusivity and engaging experiences. We provide an informal way to meet and interact with suppliers and colleagues who can help you stay current, spur ideas for those large projects, suggest solutions for those day-to-day challenges and improve your company’s supply chain. In short, make you better at your job. Time is a limited commodity and the exhibit hall can be overwhelming. We help solve that problem. 

I heard something about prizes and free gifts, what’s that about?

Besides the professional development benefit, each day we have a drawing for an exciting prize like an iPad or similar gift. If you’re the person who says, “I never win anything like that”, this may be your chance because there are a limited number of show attendees allowed to participate in the Wright Prospector tour each day, so your chances of winning are pretty good. Additionally, at the end of the tour we provide each participant with a unique, special gift.

What’s in it for my company?

A better return on their investment. In study after study, one of the top reasons mentioned for a company to send employees to a trade show is for them to learn about what’s new in the industry and to identify potential new suppliers and partners. We help streamline this process while providing a personalized service. 

Our free mobile app allows you to keep track of the exhibitors and attendees you have interacted with and makes it easy to include personal notes and post show action items. After the trade show ends, you’ll be able to download a free report with this information for further follow-up. These reports have been shown to be extremely valuable in justifying attendance at the show, making it that much easier to get approval the next time you need to attend a convention. If you have a responsible position in your company and need to stay up to date with the latest technology, the Wright Prospector is most likely for you.

Ready to Get Started?

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Why is this better than doing it on my own?

Because we’ve done the advance leg work, identifying exhibitors with interesting products and services who offer personalized attention and real problem-solving solutions. 

I have very limited time to walk the show, won’t this cut into that?

On the contrary, the Wright Prospector helps you experience the exhibits more efficiently. Our groups get preferred treatment, so no more waiting in line to talk with someone at a booth. The tour is structured to provide efficient exposure to relevant exhibitors. 

I know who I want to see, so how is this a benefit?

Certainly, you should visit with the people you came to meet with, but once that is completed the Wright Prospector tour provides exposure to exhibitors offering new solutions, new technologies and greater options for your business – a prime reason for attending a show – faster and more focused than wandering through a few random aisles.

Any other opportunities to make business contacts?

Definitely. In addition to VIP access to exhibitors, you’ll also be introduced to other show attendees, people with interests and responsibilities similar to yours. There’s no pressure or obligation to converse, you decide with whom you interact or not, it’s entirely up to you. But many Wright Prospector participants have commented that discussions with other members of their group have resulted in valuable advice, business connections and friendships. Sometimes the most valuable connections turn out to be other show attendees – people who are walking the floor, rather than those standing at a booth.

Will this help me justify attending the show?

Yes. We are happy to provide a report to you after the show ends, detailing which exhibitors you visited, all the contact details about that company and what they have to offer. Everything is conveniently logged through our mobile device app which includes space for any personal notes you would like to include.

How is this more efficient?

Time management. Meetings with exhibitors are brief - with a beginning, a middle and an end. There’s no greater time waster than stopping at a booth and not being able to get away from some salesman who doesn’t know when to let go. Since we assemble a small group, you can see and learn about an exhibitor from a far with no obligation to speak. We monitor the group interaction and step in after a few minutes to move everyone along.

Will I have the opportunity to speak privately with the exhibitor


Wait, what if I’m involved in a conversation with the exhibitor but it’s time to move on

When the group proceeds onto the next booth, by all means stay and continue your conversation. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful interactions between show attendees and exhibitors, not to interrupt them. You can rejoin the group after your discussion or if you like, we will come back and personally guide you around the remainder of the tour.

How long does it take?

About 45 minutes

Is this open to everyone?

No, only those show attendees who are currently employed in the industry and involved in the decision-making process. You’ll need to provide your business card when you first hook up with our Ambassador.

Will it conflict with my classes?

No. There are convenient times throughout each day of the show for you to join up with one of our Ambassador led groups.

I have specific people I must see, won’t this interfere?

No, the Wright Prospector tour is available at your convenience.

What’s the cost?


Who pays for this service?

The show organizers and exhibitors.

What are you missing?

Up until now, identifying and spending time with the right exhibitors has been a chance encounter. You’ll wander down the middle of an aisle and stop to talk to an exhibitor who may be of interest, only to find out that they have nothing to offer you. The Wright Prospector is more efficient than wondering aimlessly. You’ll see new technology, new products, talk to experts and have questions answered on the spot.